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Balboa Pavilion Mural

The Balboa Pavilion, on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach CA, was built in 1905 as the area was just beginning to develop. The Pacific Electric Red Car Trolley arrived shortly thereafter, bringing visitors from Los Angeles and other nearby communities.
The Pavilion is built out over the water of the Newport Bay and is home to a fine restaurant and ballroom, boats departing for Catalina Island, harbor excursions, and fishing boats. This mural, based on a photograph taken in 1918, shows the street leading down to the Pavilion, with the building the mural is now painted on on the left. A Pacific Electric Red Car Trolley is seen on the right.

Today the Pavilion, the waterfront, and the adjacent Fun Zone are a popular destination for tourists and nearby residents alike. The mural brings the history of the Pavilion and its surroundings into the present day and gives visitors a unique glimpse into the past of this popular destination. As people are walking down the street toward the Pavilion today they see, in the mural, what it was like to walk down the same street almost 100 years ago.

  Balboa Pavilion Mural
  13 x 42 ft., acrylic
  Dec. 2013
  Newport Beach, CA