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Mojave Barrels, acrylic on canvas. 22 x 39 inches

Ursula, acrylic on canvas, 18 x 36 inches

The Glory Of Spring, acrylic on canvas, 38 x 38 inches

The Dancer, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 36 inches

Rocky Cliff, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 24 inches

Boulders At Sunrise, acrylic on canvas, 20 x 64 inches

Spring Sunrise, acrylic on canvas, 18 x 36 inches

Spring Is Here, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 48 inches

The Sentinel, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 48 inches

The Watchers, 16 x 36 inches, acrylic on canvas

Roy's Place, Amboy CA, 18 x 24 inches, oil on canvas

Living The California Dream, 18 x 36", acrylic on canvas

Squid Boat Terminal Island, 12 x 30", acrylic on canvas

Our Citrus Roots Mural

This mural is painted on a building on the campus of the University of La Verne in La Verne, California. In the late 19th and first half of the 20th century, much of southern California was covered with vast citrus groves. Citrus became a vital part of the development of the state of California after the Gold Rush and with the coming of the railroads from back east.

Long Beach Veterans Mural Restoration

Art painted this mural originally in 2006 to honor Long Beach Veterans. It depicts Veterans from the Civil War up through the Iraq war, and is across the street from a park with a Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Every year the city has a Veterans Day parade beginning in front of the mural, going down the main street in front of the building, and returning to the park where a Veterans Day festival is held.

Covina Bandshell Mural Restoration

These two murals are on panels on either side of a community bandshell in a park in Covina, California. They celebrate Covina’s early history and its decades as an important citrus-producing center in the San Gabriel Valley near Los Angeles. They were painted by Art in 2005 and have held up pretty well for the most part over the years, but with some of the usual problems with murals in public spaces.

49 Palms Oasis Mural

This mural is on a private residence in Twentynine Palms, California, in the southern Mojave Desert. Twentynine Palms is on the northern border of Joshua Tree National Park. Not far from this residence, a trail leads up into the mountains of the Park to the 49 Palms Oasis, complete with palm trees, running water, birds, insects, and other wildlife.

Sweet Violets Citrus Murals

In late 2020, Art was commissioned by Verizon Wireless to paint 3 murals of the Sweet Violets antique citrus crate label on three sides of a specially designed cell phone tower in a public park in Duarte, CA. Art painted the murals while the top section of the tower was still on the ground. It was then hoisted up and installed on the top of the tower.

Foot-Hill Oranges Mural

In 2020, Art was commissioned by Verizon Wireless to paint murals of the "Foot-Hill Oranges" antique orange crate label on all four sides of a custom cell phone tower in Pomona, CA. The top section of this tower houses the communication antennas. Art painted the murals on all four sides while the top section was on the ground. It was then hoisted up and installed on the top of the tower.

Sunkist Park Mural

This mural was commissioned by the City of Covina in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California. It is on the side of a newly-constructed senior and community center in an existing park. The land the park occupies was given to the City by Sunkist Growers® in 1962. Sunkist Growers® has been in existence since 1893 when the Southern California Fruit Exchange was born, uniting regional growers to sell and market citrus together. In 1908 the Citrus Exchange created the name Sunkist, which is now a national brand.

Chautauqua in Lompoc Mural

This is Art’s sixth mural in Lompoc. It celebrates the history of the Chautauqua traveling road shows that came to Lompoc in the first part of the 20th century. The Chautauqua shows brought education, the arts, celebrated speakers, and entertainment to rural and other small communities all across the country.

Century Villages at Cabrillo Mural

This mural was commissioned by Century Villages at Cabrillo in Long Breach, CA to honor the facility’s history and the many veterans who live, and have lived, there.

Whittier History Lesson

This trompe l’oeil mural was painted on this wall as part of a new shopping center in Whittier, CA. The mural is on the corner of a brand new Orchard Supply Hardware building on the corner of the main street, Whittier Boulevard, and a side street. The wall was built specifically to hold the mural.

Verizon Water Tower Murals

In 2016, Art was commissioned by Verizon Wireless to create two murals on a cover for a cell phone tower that disguises the tower as a water tower. This tower is in the city of Pomona CA, and the city requested that two antique orange crate labels be painted on opposite sides of the tank.

Agriculture in the Valley Beautiful

This Mural-In-A-Weekend project in Lompoc, CA, was designed by Art and painted by him and a large group of community volunteers in one weekend in October, 2016. The mural celebrates the abundance and beauty of the Lompoc Valley. Over the years the valley has seen many different types of agriculture flourish in its rich soil including the flower seed industry, cattle and sheep ranching, various types of food crops, and more recently vineyards producing high quality California wines.

Korean War Veterans Mural

This mural to honor veterans of the Korean War in the Northern California town of Manteca was painted by Art on fabric sections in his studio. These sections were then installed on a large panel constructed on the exterior wall of a building in Manteca.

Temple City On Parade

This Mural-In-A-Weekend project in Temple City, CA was painted to commemorate their yearly Camellia Festival and parade as well as important people and occurrences in Temple City's history. Temple City was established by Walter Temple in 1923 and is now a thriving and beautiful small city in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County.

Balboa Sailing Mural

This mural is a striking illusion of a hole in the wall of this building in downtown Balboa Village, and through the hole passersby can see a view of Newport Harbor on a beautiful day, with sailboats out in the channel heading for the open ocean. Ba;boa Village is on the peninsula that forms the Newport Harbor and is a beautiful beach town with many attractions for visitors and residents alike.

Downtown Law Firm

I recently completed four large canvases for a law firm in downtown Los Angeles. This firm occupies the entire 42nd floor of a high-rise office building in the heart of downtown L.A. and has spectacular views of the City from its many windows. Their building is visible in some of the paintings. The paintings are installed in their reception area and conference rooms.
Plus, this painting of the 6th Street Bridge was painted around the same time and complements the group.
Click each to see them full size.


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Beach Sunset, Winter, 24x84" acrylic on canvas

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