Foot-Hill Oranges Mural

In 2020, Art was commissioned by Verizon Wireless to paint murals of the "Foot-Hill Oranges" antique orange crate label on all four sides of a custom cell phone tower in Pomona, CA. The top section of this tower houses the communication antennas. Art painted the murals on all four sides while the top section was on the ground. It was then hoisted up and installed on the top of the tower.

In the early 20th century, Pomona, CA, was a large citrus growing area. These murals recall that time in Pomona’s history.
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  Foot-Hill Oranges Mural
  4 murals, each 7’ 6” x 8’ 4”
  acrylic on acrylic stucco
  October, 2020
  Pomona, CA