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   Sunkist Park Mural
   7 x 16 ft., acrylic on plaster
   September 2019
   Covina, California
Sunkist Park Mural

This mural was commissioned by the City of Covina in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California. It is on the side of a newly-constructed senior and community center in an existing park. The land the park occupies was given to the City by Sunkist GrowersŪ in 1962. Sunkist GrowersŪ has been in existence since 1893 when the Southern California Fruit Exchange was born, uniting regional growers to sell and market citrus together. In 1908 the Citrus Exchange created the name Sunkist, which is now a national brand.

The mural, based on antique orange crate label artwork, is meant to recall the time when Covina, now a bustling suburban town, was the center of this booming citrus industry. As a window into the past, the idealized scene shows a valley filled with citrus groves, with mountains in the distance and a Sunkist packing house on the left. This landscape is framed by the mural border and the two brackets of oranges and leaves on opposite corners.