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Korean War Veterans Mural

This mural to honor veterans of the Korean War in the Northern California town of Manteca was painted by Art on fabric sections in his studio. These sections were then installed on a large panel constructed on the exterior wall of a building in Manteca.

The mural depicts a group of soldiers marching through the harsh Korean winter as well as various aspects of the participation of the US armed forces in the conflict. The first US fighter jet in combat, the F-86 Sabre Jet, was an important factor in the war, as well as naval support, the extensive use of paratroops, the helicopters used to evacuate wounded soldiers, and the introduction of MASH field hospitals.

The one MIA from Manteca never found, Alvin Mendes, is also honored along with the Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal given by South Korean President Kim Dae Jung and the South Korean government to all American Korean War Veterans.

Korean War Veterans Mural
20 x 16 ft., acrylic on fabric, May 2016
Manteca, CA