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   Chautauqua in Lompoc Mural
   13 x 101 ft., acrylic on plaster
   October, 2018
   Lompoc, CA
   (Mural In A Weekend)
Chautauqua in Lompoc Mural

This is Artís sixth mural in Lompoc. It celebrates the history of the Chautauqua traveling road shows that came to Lompoc in the first part of the 20th century. The Chautauqua shows brought education, the arts, celebrated speakers, and entertainment to rural and other small communities all across the country.

These traveling shows spent a week or more in each community, with a variety of presentations and entertainments for the whole family. They would set up their big tent and start the week with a parade through town that ended at the tent. In those days before radio and television, they brought artists, musical groups, lecturers, and news from around the world to the relatively isolated community of Lompoc every year. It was a big event for the entire community. Then they moved on to the next town.

The mural was researched and designed by Art. He then laid the entire design out on the wall with the help of a few local volunteers. After that, over a 2-day weekend local artists and community volunteers came and painted in the entire mural following Artís guidance.