Long Beach Veterans Mural Restoration and Addition

Art painted this mural originally in 2006 to honor Long Beach Veterans. It depicts Veterans from the Civil War up through the Iraq war, and is across the street from a park with a Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Every year the city has a Veterans Day parade beginning in front of the mural, going down the main street in front of the building, and returning to the park where a Veterans Day festival is held.

This year the city wanted to add a portrait into the mural of a long-time community and Veterans activist, former city councilman, and Coast Guard Veteran who was terminally ill. The city commissioned Art to restore the 15-year-old mural, paint the new portrait into the mural, and protect it with an archival clear coating.

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Here is the entire newly-restored mural with the portrait honoring the community activist and veteran added at the right-hand end.

   Long Beach Veterans Mural
   21 x 108 ft., acrylic on stucco
   First completed Nov. 2006
   Restored & revised Nov. 2021
   Long Beach, California