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Covina Bandshell Mural Restoration

These two murals are on panels on either side of a community bandshell in a park in Covina, California. They celebrate Covina’s early history and its decades as an important citrus-producing center in the San Gabriel Valley near Los Angeles. They were painted by Art in 2005 and have held up pretty well for the most part over the years, but with some of the usual problems with murals in public spaces.

In 2021 the bandshell itself had been given a facelift, and so the city of Covina commissioned Art to return to restore the 2 murals back to their original condition and protect them with an archival clear coating

This is the rejuvenated bandshell with the two newly-restored murals on either side.

Before: Here you can see quite a few areas of damage to this mural. Mr. Phillips was the first mayor of Covina.


This closeup of Mr. Phillips’ head shows some of the scratches, spots, and streaks that have accumulated over the years.


This closeup of the portrait of Gladys Ratekin, an early librarian and historian, shows some of the spots and discoloration that have damaged the mural


This closeup of a part of the antique automobile and a pants leg in the Ratekin mural shows some of the spots, scratches and fading that have accumulated with the passage of time.

After: This is the J. S. Phillips Mural as it looks now, after its rejuvenation, restoration, and new protective coating.

After: Here is the Gladys Ratekin Mural, looking brand new again after its rejuvenation, restoration, and new protective coating.

Covina Bandshell Mural Restoration
Two panels, 10 x 14 ft. each
Acrylic on concrete, June 2005, restored April 2021
Covina, CA