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Bishop Mining Mural

This Mural-In-A-Day was painted in Bishop in one day by a group of local volunteer artists in conjunction with the California Mural Symposium. The centerpiece of the mural is a large map showing some of the now mostly abandoned mines in the Sierra Nevada Mountains just west of Bishop. On either side of the map are images representing two of the best-known mines: the large Pine
Creek Tungsten Mine and the Champion Sparkplug Mine.

The Pine Creek mine is now closed, but still exists; the gentleman in the circle image is a former miner who is now the caretaker there and has worked at the mine for over 40 years. The Sparkplug mine once produced the raw material for ceramics used to make spark plug insulators.

  Bishop Mining Mural
  13 x 34 ft., acrylic, Oct. 2005
  Bishop, California