Coastal Passage
Coastal Passage
18 x 92', acrylic, Dec. 2005
Long Beach, California
The concrete facing around a pedestrian tunnel underneath the 91 Freeway in North Long Beach is painted to look like a tunnel through the hills and cliffs along the California coastline. On the left side the rolling hills reveal a lake in the distance with a gazebo near the shoreline. On the right, the rocks and cliffs give way to a beach scene along the California coastline. The pedestrian tunnel allows children in this working class
  neighborhood to get from one side of the freeway to the elementary school on the other side. The mural is a collaboration with tile artists Steve Elicker and Lesa Neal, the foreground bushes and trees on the left side and the highway guard rail on the right side are done in tile.

The other end of the tunnel is the location of the "Northwest Passage" mural, also on this web site.