Helms Coach Gone A Rye  

   Helms Coach Gone A Rye
   27 x 13.5 feet, acrylic
   Nov. 2002, Culver City, CA
This mural, part of a fountain on the property that originally was the Helms Bakery in Culver City, shows an idealized scene of Culver City in the 1930's or 40's. The fountain is part of a new building added to the property and was designed by the architect. The mural is the backdrop for the fountain.

The concept for the fountain is: The driver of a Helms truck from the 1930's is driving through Culver City in the 21st century. He is totally lost, but looks over and sees the mural, depicting an idealized view of Culver City in the 1930's.

He swerves, drives up over the curb, and crashes into the mural. In the process he knocks over a yellow fire hydrant which then squirts water up under the truck.

The water runs down into pools in the shape of the Olympic Rings logo (Helms Bakery famously promoted itself as "The Olympic Bakery" for supplying the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles), thus creating the fountain. A three dimensional replica of the rear of a Helms delivery truck is attached to the mural and looks as though it has crashed into the wall. The rear doors are flung open, the wooden drawers have opened, and baked goods are flying out.