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T-Hacha-P Mural

This Mural-In-A-Day, painted in October 2005, depicts agriculture in the Tehachapi area, long known for its apples and pears as well as many other crops over the years. "Jake" Jacobsen, depicted in
the mural, was for many years an innovator and force in agriculture and community affairs in Tehachapi.

He was one of the original owners of the building the mural is on; it is next to the railroad line and was originally a packing shed for produce grown in the area.

The mural design is based on actual produce box labels used by Tehachapi growers in the past, as well as historical photographs.

  T-Hacha-P Mural
  7.5 x 35 ft., acrylic on panels
  Oct. 2005
  Tehachapi, California