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Balboa Pavilion Restoration

In 2013, Art was commissioned to create a mural in Balboa Village. a small, historic community on the Balboa Peninsula which forms the beautiful Newport Bay in Newport Beach, CA.

The mural is based on photographs taken in about 1918 of the historic Balboa Pavilion, which still sits on the edge of Newport Bay today. The mural depicts the street leading down to the Pavilion and also includes the white building on the left in the mural, which is the building the present-day mural is painted on.

In 2018, Art was contacted by the sponsor because some minor damage had occurred in several spots in the mural. Art inspected the mural and found quite a number of small problems. Since the building is so old and has been repainted many times, he determined that all of the damage had been caused by problems with either the building itself or the underlying paint layers.

Art carefully re-adhered the loose areas and then cleaned, sanded and retouched all the problem areas to match the original paints. He then reapplied the same clear, final coating to the restored areas.

These before and after photos depict just a few of the many small problem areas.

Before After

Before After

Before After

Before After

Balboa Pavilion Mural
13 x 42 ft., acrylic
Restoration completed December, 2018
Newport Beach, CA