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Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum Mural Restoration

Art originally painted this mural of a Pacific Island scene on all four sides of the then-brand-new Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum in Long Beach, California. It is on a very busy intersection, and in 2019 a car ran into one panel on the mural, doing substantial damage in a limited area.

After consulting with Art, the Museum had the damaged area repaired following Art’s recommendations. Art then restored the repaired area. He also cleaned up and restored the rest of the entire panel.

This is a photo of the entire building taken when the mural was originally completed in 2009. The area that was damaged by the car is in the lower, left corner of this photograph, underneath the windows


This is the damage done by the car.


This is what the damaged area looked like after the hole in the wall was repaired. Note the faded graffiti cover-up to the right of the patched area.

Here is what the entire panel looked like after Art completed the restoration.

Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum Mural
26.5 x 200 ft. (approx.), acrylic on acrylic plaster
Sept., 2009 — Restored Oct. 2019
Long Beach, CA