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Cesar Chavez Mural Restoration

In 2015, Art was commissioned by the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles to restore a mural about Cesar Chavez on metal panels on an outside wall of a Los Angeles County Probation Office. The mural was old and had been hit quite badly by graffiti. The Probation Office had no record of when the mural had been painted or who the original artist was. Attempts had been made to clean the mural periodically, with little success. Although the paint layer was still intact, most of the mural was in very bad condition because of the many layers of graffiti, worse in some areas than in others.

Art cleaned the mural with a mild detergent and water, removed as much graffiti as possible, and then consolidated the paint layer with an archival coating. He then restored and repainted the mural where necessary. When this restoration was complete he applied a final, archival varnish to the mural along with three layers of anti-graffiti coatings.

These before and after photos show the dramatic improvement in the mural.

Before After

Cesar Chavez in detail.

Cesar Chavez Mural Restoration
Original Artist and date unknown
7 x 90 ft., acrylic on metal
Restration completed December, 2015
Los Angeles, CA