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Vista Student Mural-In-A-Day

Vista Student Mural-In-A-Day

This mural is one of 3 murals painted on a brand new community recreation building in Vista, CA in 2014. The mural designs were created by high school students, and Art was commissioned to create a mural-in-a-day project for all 3 murals. Art finalized the students’ designs, laid them out on the wall, and mixed up all the colors. Students and other community volunteers then came on a Saturday and painted them in.

Original Mural

Unfortunately, in 2017 a large crack in the building developed, running right through this mural. The crack was repaired by the contractor. After the repair was complete, the contractor consulted with Art, and Art recommended creating plaster shapes to extend the curtains on either side of the mural further into the mural so that the curtain shape on the right would cover the repaired crack.

Before Restoration
After Restoration

After this was done, Art painted the newly plastered areas to match the look of the original painted curtains. He then re-applied the clear, archival, final coating to the restored areas.

Vista Student Mural-In-A-Day
8 x 12 ft., acrylic on plaster
Aug. 2014 — Restored Aug., 2017
Vista, CA