Roy's Place, Amboy CA, 18 x 24 inches, oil on canvas

Living The California Dream, 18 x 36", acrylic on canvas

Squid Boat Terminal Island, 12 x 30", acrylic on canvas

Sixth Street Bridge, 24 x 48", acrylic and graphite on canvas

Cougar Park Mural

This mural is in a brand new park, called Cougar Park, in Covina, CA. Covina was once a major citrus growing area, and at one point in the early part of the the 20th century there were about 25,000 acres of citrus being grown in the Covina area. During that period there was a brand of oranges from Covina called Cougar Brand Oranges, from which the park takes its name.

Desert Illusion Mural

This mural is in the back yard of a private residence in Twentynine Palms, CA. The mural is painted on the side of the brightly painted guest house and faces an expanding desert garden and views of the hills and mountains of Joshua Tree National Park.

California Desert Protection Act Mural

This mural was painted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the creation of California Desert Protection Act, which changed Joshua Tree National Monument and Death Valley National Monument into National Parks, and was a collaboration with Twentynine Palms artist Chuck Caplinger.

Dodger Stadium Murals

Art and his crew of painters were hired to do a series of murals and directionals at the newly renovated Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles before Opening Day of the 2013 season. Here are photos of a few of the pieces they did.

Downtown Law Firm

I recently completed four large canvases for a law firm in downtown Los Angeles. This firm occupies the entire 42nd floor of a high-rise office building in the heart of downtown L.A. and has spectacular views of the City from its many windows. Their building is visible in some of the paintings. The paintings are installed in their reception area and conference rooms.
Click each to see them full size.

Best Murals In Los Angeles

The local CBS affiliate in LA just published an article on their website about "The Best Murals in Los Angeles," which includes my Alhambra Archway mural. It's an honor to be on their list, and an honor to be mentioned along with to Mr. Siqueiros.


Recent Mural Projects

Desert Protection Act

Balboa Pavilion

Keys' Desert Queen Ranch

Vista Avocado Label

Hermosa Beach


Vista Sports Park

Beach Sunset, Winter, 24x84" acrylic on canvas

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